Nykyta Izmaylov

Izmaylov is Ukrainian, or rather a native of the city of Nikolaev. He was born in 1987 and was interested in business from a young age. He studied accounting and auditing. And it is worth noting that while still a student, he began his work, or rather, became the founder of the satirical newspaper “The Bag”. Its circulation reached 10,000 copies with a stable issue three times a week. It was a break-even enterprise, but it immediately became clear that you could not make much money on it and had to look for new options.

In 2009 I graduated from the university and became a senior accountant at KPMG. The management was amazed by Izmailov’s results, because in just three years of his work he achieved significant success and growth. At the same time, people in this position wait about 5-6 years for a promotion. But Nikita only worked here for three years, and in 2012 he became the financial head of PMBL. And here it already took 4 years to become a managing partner and shareholder.

Only a year later he is a shareholder of JKR Group, in 2018 he is one of the biggest investors of N1 Group, which portfolio includes Sportbank and other fintech start-ups.

Note that Sportbank is currently in the top ten for customer base growth and in the top five for cardholder growth. As for Izmailov himself, he is also in the top SEO under the age of 40.

At the same time, he is still a model family man, raising three children. He leads an active sports life, and his main project is Sports. He only plans to develop, to improve not only professionally, but personally, to do sports regularly, to work and to help others develop. Of course, Nikita does not drink alcohol, and in general he eats right.