European Union is welcoming crypto amid regulatory crackdown in U.S.

  • Europe is opening its doors to crypto amid the regulatory crackdown on crypto firms in the United States.
  • European officials are pitching the EU as a friendly place for crypto firms to set up their businesses.

Crypto firms in the United States are reportedly finding the landscape across the Atlantic much more suited to their needs. 

The lack of regulatory clarity in the States combined with the recent crackdown on crypto firms has reportedly promoted crypto firms to look elsewhere for their operations, and one of the most favorable destinations that emerged was Europe. 

American crypto executives view Europe as a favorable destination for operations According to a report published by Politico, American crypto industry leaders are looking favorably upon the European Union, which is set to introduce new laws specifically designed for firms operating in the digital assets space.

Lawmakers and officials from Europe are presenting the EU as a place that welcomes crypto firms. 

Stefan Berger, the conservative lawmaker from Germany, was a part of the European Union’s crypto rulebook, which is set to come into effect in the second half of 2024.

Berger has been vocal in his support for crypto firms to set up shop in the European Union.

“We will have the best framework in the world in which companies can develop. We will have everything that you need for a workable market,” he stated. 

The details In contrast to the warm and friendly stance of the EU, several regulators and lawmakers in the United States are eager to intensify the regulatory crackdown on the crypto industry.

The string of bankruptcies and scandals in the crypto space last year turned up the heat on politicians to react to the gross misconduct among several crypto firms.

The aftermath has seen regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission overreach their jurisdiction and attempt to regulate by enforcement while trying to impose on crypto the rules which were formed decades ago for traditional finance. 

“The European Union’s ahead of us. Switzerland’s ahead of us. Australia’s ahead of us. England’s ahead of us. So it’s not just second and third-world countries,” said Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming.

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal recently warned about the national security implications of the current regulatory landscape that is driving crypto companies abroad.

According to him, this will only lead to the U.S. spending much more money in the coming years to lure those firms back. 

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